Filter in your high-probability customers

A strategic problem many businesses face is they fail to filter in their high-probability customers. Some companies waste a lot of their precious time and resources on those potential customers who probably will not become actual customers.

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Filter in your high-probability customers


Do you have any inefficiencies in your sales pipeline?


At The Alpha Group we make certain that you create and then refine your process to filter-in high probability customers, and by definition, filter out those prospects that may be costing you money in the process.

So, how does this happen?

Easy, its a six step-process using the power of the peer-to-peer advisory board.

Firstly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you identify what is your strategic problem.

Most of us have ambitious goals for our businesses. This could result in us substantially growing the value of our respective companies. However, some of our companies just aren’t achieving enough of the profitable sales that we need for our company growth.

We’ve segmented our market, developed our niches and created compelling propositions for these niches. We’ve also put in place a sales team with a sales process. Our strategic problem could be that we’re just not generating enough high-probability prospects for us to convert into profitable sales.

Secondly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you learn The FastGrowth™ process to generate high-probability prospects.

In brief, the FastGrowth™ process consists of the following three stages.

1 Decide your strategic conclusions about generating your potential customers

2 Select your key marketing tools

3 Implement your 12-month marketing plan

4 Use a Yes/No filter

5 Disqualify time-wasting prospects

6 Identify your high-probability prospects’ buying criteria


Thirdly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you decide your key marketing tools.

They find it useful to decide which marketing tools to prioritise in the next 12 months to generate sufficient prospects for your company. This is based on the need to achieve your goals, within the boundaries of how much they can afford to invest.

We look at various marketing tools, from the main categories of Marketing Materials, Broadcast Media, Direct Marketing, Relationship based Marketing, and Online Marketing.

1 Marketing Materials

a) Brochures

b) Newsletters

c) Information guides

d) Sample packs

e) Testimonials & case studies


2 Broadcast Media

a) Advertising

b) PR stories

c) Feature articles

d) Competitions

e) Radio

f) TV


3 Direct Marketing

a) Direct mail

b) Telemarketing

c) Directory listings

d) Joint promotions


4 Relationship based Marketing

a) Referrals

b) Networking

c) Public speaking

d) Sponsorships

e) Trade associations

f) Chambers of Commerce

g) Exhibitions

h) Hospitality events

i) Seminars


5 Online Marketing

a) Websites

b) Email marketing

c) Pay per click

d) Search engine optimisation

e) LinkedIn

f) Twitter & Facebook

g) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

h) Content marketing


From this the peer-to-peer advisory board help you select five key marketing channels for your business.


Fourthly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you create your powerful 12-month marketing plan.

you set bold goals for the results they want to achieve:

Powerful twelve month sales goals:

• The % increase in annual sales you want:

• %

• The number of prospects you need to generate per month:

• #

you take your agreed five key marketing tools and create a visual, 12-month, marketing chart in order to map out the key activities to meet your goals.

Fifthly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you apply a yes/no filter to your process.

Clearly communicate your proposition and filter question in 25 words or less.

An example:

Hi, I’m Mark Horner of The Alpha Group.

We assist Managing Directors to overcome the pains of business growth. Projecting forward five years, is substantially growing your business a priority for you?

For your proposition and filter question

If the answer to your closed question above is NO, move on to your next prospective customer/ client.

If the answer is YES, move to the next step of the process to disqualify your time-wasting prospective customers/clients.


Sixthly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you disqualify your time-wasting prospective customers.

The objective is to spend your selling time only with prospects who need, want and can afford your product or services, who are ready to buy now and are willing to buy from you. Don’t make an appointment with anyone, unless he/she indicates they need and want what you have to offer. If they do, they’ll be keen to meet with you. Don’t try to sell the appointment. During the phone call or initial contact, give the prospect the opportunity to dis-qualify himself. So, some key questions include:

  1. Determine need - Why do you need this product/service?

  2. Determine want - Do you want this product/service? If the prospect answers “yes”, ask “Why?”

  3. Determine financial status - This product is going to cost you approximately x pounds. Are you prepared to spend that?

  4. Determine time requirements - If you decide to go forward, when would you want this to start?

  5. Determine authority - If you decide to go forward, are you the key decision maker? If not, who else do you need to consult?

  6. Determine commitment - What would happen if you don’t purchase this product?

  7. Determine supplier preference - Is there someone you would rather do business with?

  8. Determine personal motivation - What would it mean to you personally if you didn’t purchase this product/service?

  9. Determine personal prejudices - Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to do business with me? Something we haven’t covered yet? An emotional reason?

In your typical initial contacts with your prospective customers, which of the above questions are the four key ones for you to ask? Please asterisk these.


Seventhly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you identify your high-probability customers’ buying criteria.

If the prospect has answered all your disqualification questions, the final step is to establish your buying criteria i.e. the criteria that must be met for you to buy.

Then you ask, “If I come back with a proposal that meets your buying criteria, what will you do?” If they don’t make a clear and definite commitment – disqualify you.

After they make a commitment, ask for each and every buying criteria and record each one in your exact words. Bring up any criteria they haven’t mentioned that need to be addressed. Negotiate any criteria you can’t meet. If there are any criteria you can’t satisfy, and they can’t be negotiated, disqualify you.

With your team, write down some of your prospects’ buying criteria:


Lastly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you take massive action.

The profound impact on you and your company of filtering in your high-probability customers is that within 12 months you will substantially increase your profitable sales adding substantially to your bottom line and the value of your company.

If you would like to find out more about how The Alpha Group members filter in high-probability customers then please get in touch and I will be happy to send you further information about visiting a suitable group, online, face-to-face or blended with a mixture of real world and virtual board meetings.

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