Your Investment in Yourself

What is your Investment in Yourself?

The value of your Alpha Group membership is £6,000 per month. This is comparable with a days training from one of the larger corporate consulting companies. Obviously with our social mission to help one million local businesses like yours over the next ten to fifteen years, we realise that this may prove prohibitive to some. You will be delighted to know therefore that we have set your investment at a mere 1/20th of this, from some £300, as the full cost is shared with the other 19 potential members of your full Alpha Group.

In addition to setting the membership at a affordable level, from just £300, we also have clear terms of business, which we summarise below:

  • You pay no joining, registration or on-boarding fees
  • You have no commitment, you pay on a month by month basis
  • You pay no exit fees or other charges
  • Plus we can offer you a generous discount if you sign up for a years membership in advance

Given the improvement to the value of your company, (we promise to double your value within 2 to 3 years), this investment in yourself is small compared to the profit increases you will achieve, and the increases to your profit multiplier. Our members achieve this constantly, month on month, year on year.

Your biggest commitment is your precious time, to find one morning a month to work on your business, rather than in your business, your openness, to put your trust in your board and ask for help, and you willingness to take massive action towards your strategic goals arising from each meeting.

Think and Grow Rich