Achieve additional, profitable revenue streams

A strategic problem many businesses face is knowing how best to achieve additional, profitable revenues. Many companies are striving to increase profitable sales by growing the customer base. Sometimes they could achieve higher revenues by focusing on under-utilised resources and by generating additional revenue from add on services and products.

Achieve additional, profitable revenue streams


When was the last time you did a comprehensive review to see where you were leaving money on the table?


At The Alpha Group we make certain that you significantly increase your additional, profitable revenues.

So, how does this happen?

Easy, its a five step-process using the power of the peer-to-peer advisory board.


Firstly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you learn that opportunity often exists outside of our main focus.


Many of us want to substantially increase our profitable sales. The problem is that in these changing economic times, higher sales may be harder for us to achieve. By concentrating on increasing sales, we sometimes neglect to look for revenue from other sources.

What opportunities do you have to achieve additional, profitable revenues from your under-utilised resources and, also from add-on services and products?

Such revenues would probably be covered by your existing overheads and so the gross profit on these revenues would largely go straight to your bottom line.


Secondly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you identify your potential additional revenues.

These are broken down into several categories.

1 Sell or rent your spare resources

2 Sell additional products

3 Sell additional services

4 Sell/licence your Intellectual Property

In all, we look at over fifty areas where you can gain additional, profitable revenue.

By working together, this helps us identify strategies that we can adopt where other companies are already making additional, profitable revenues from their under-utilised resources. You are able to share your own experience which helps others in turn, what seems obvious to you might be a light-bulb moment for others.

After all, None of us is smarter than all of us.


Thirdly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you evaluate the likely benefits to your company. This helps you identify the top three sources of additional revenue.

We look at what are the anticipated annual sales and gross profit on the potential revenues.

We look at the HLRA = The Highest Level Reasonably Achievable

We look at the MALS = The Minimum Acceptable Level of Success

This lets you calculate the likely financial benefits to the company i.e. how will this affect overall sales and profit?


Fourthly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you plan how to achieve these revenues.

For each of the top three sources of additional revenue we draw up an action plan for you to achieve those revenues, and a strategy for you to get the buy-in from your teams.


Lastly the peer-to-peer advisory board help you take massive immediate action.

The profound impact on you and your company of achieving additional, profitable revenue streams is that you can typically add 10% to 20% to your annual sales from your additional revenues.

If you would like to find out more about how The Alpha Group members achieve additional, profitable revenue streams then please get in touch and I will be happy to send you further information about visiting a suitable group, online, face-to-face or blended with a mixture of real world and virtual board meetings.