Our Core Values

Mark Horner Core Values

Our Core Values cover the six key principles of People, Passion and Process, Culture, Leadership and Growth.

All our meetings and are strictly confidential, run under a Non-disclosure agreement. We provide a safe and secure space for people to share and learn together.

None of us is Smarter than All of us

Core Values
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  1. People we acknowledge the rich diversity of all people and organisations. We work to honour the experience and potential of all individuals.

  2. Passion we believe passion is key to engaging others with our mission and is the key driver of success.

  3. Process we are clear that great processes are key to leverage consistent results exceeding all expectations.

  4. Culture we are totally committed to the pursuit of excellent culture and the continuous improvement to all our activities.

  5. Leadership we believe people are the key leverage to great performance. We commit to accelerating and supporting talent.

  6. Growth we believe we all deserve growth to make a difference in the world and we strive to facilitate this in all our endeavours.