Our Core Values

The Alpha Group
Core Values

Our Core Values cover Support, Commitment, People and Talent, Quality, Respect, Social Responsibility and Privacy.

Our board room meetings are strictly confidential, run under Chatham House rules. A safe space for our members to share and learn together.

None of us is Smarter than All of us

Our Core Values
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1. Support we are totally dedicated to providing our Members with exceptional support during their membership.

2. Commitment we apply ourselves to meet the agreed priorities of good professional practice.

3. People and Talent we believe people are the key asset to leverage great performance for Alpha Group Members. We commit to accelerating talent and aligning this with organisational purpose.

4. Quality we are totally committed to the pursuit of consistent service standards and the continuous improvement to all our activities.

5. Respect we acknowledge the rich diversity of all people and organisations. We aim to work with organisations which honour the potential of all employees.

6. Social Responsibility we behave with total integrity in all our dealings and relationships both internally and externally.

7. Privacy we keep all dealings within the Alpha Group strictly confidential and we respect the commercial and intellectual property of all others.

Core Values in the Boardroom
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