Why Join The Alpha Group?

Why Join The Alpha Group
Why Join The Alpha Group?

Having peers who hold you accountable for your decisions and actions is the most productive way to create change.

Peer-to-Peer Mastermind Advisory Boards are the ideal place where SME Owner-CEO’s can turn to someone who understands the challenges they are facing, can be trusted to give an unbiased perspective which in turn could save valuable resources.

Remember that the goal of starting most companies is to make and increase sales, profitability and therefore market value and success. However, this does not usually happen right away.

Challenges and uncertainty are always part of long-term scaling up plans and sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. Maybe it’s all in your head and needs to be put on paper. Maybe you do not know another, or even the best, way to tackle challenges. You may have some self-doubt. You may lack some tools and techniques for the tasks you are facing.

You may even have been looking and listening out for people like you (but not necessarily a competitor!) who you could ask for advice and who you in turn could help.

The Board is underpinned by 4 key tenets:

Unique Mastermind Process

  • Proven and powerful way of solving business challenges
  • Access to collective brain-power and knowledge
  • Board brings unique perspectives and propose solutions
  • None of us is smarter than all of us

FastGrowthTM Projects

  • Over 50 FastGrowth™ Projects that address goals and direction, team engagement, efficient operations, strategic leadership and development of profitable products and sales.
  • You are guided to critically think about your business, form strategic conclusions and draw up actionable steps to move you forward.

Accountability and support

  • You are an accountability partner for others on the board.
  • Board gives you a powerful support network.
  • You remain committed to follow through with your goals.

Exclusive membership

  • Max of 20 peers from non-competing sectors.
  • Typically sales turnover of USD 1+ million or 10+ employees
  • Access to variety of innovative solutions from different sectors.
What does it take to be a member of the board?

Membership of the board is by application only. The Alpha Group brings together up to 20 of SME Owners, each with a sales turnover typically over USD 1 million+ per annum. As stewards of your board we look for ambitious members who have the following qualities:

  • Have the right mindset to grow and help others grow with them.
  • Are willing to share and receive new ideas that can change their thinking and promote action taking.
  • Are committed to the time required for strategic work.
  • Understand the importance of investing in themselves and their continued learning.
  • Work to the highest standards and will hold their peers accountable.
  • Are fun to be around and yet are serious about implementing transformational changes to move their business to the next level.

Click on the link above to register your interest and we will organise a time to get to know each other over a coffee and discuss your next steps.

What is a board meeting like?

The monthly Boards run for about 6 hours with a tightly-focused agenda. The meeting includes a FastGrowthTM Project and several mastermind sessions which are facilitated by the Regional Director.

The Projects focus on the critical aspects of a business which include Goals + Strategy, Operations + Efficiencies, Leadership + People and Development of profitable customers and products. With over 50 Projects in the arsenal, members are guided to critically think about these areas of their business in order to form strategic conclusions about their situation and draw up actionable next steps to move forward.

The Board Meeting also includes three powerful mastermind sessions.

The mastermind is a process to help an individual member present a topic concerning their business, gain clarity and additional perspectives before taking a decision that could cost them valuable resources.

Members also have an access to the GOLDTM coaching program, for a separate fee. It is designed for one-on-one coaching for the SME Owner-CEO and dovetails seamlessly into the Board membership.

Begin your adventure today! But be warned: Participating in the Alpha Group is not for the faint hearted.

Where are you stuck?


  • You are too busy to get all your plans out of your head and onto paper?
  • You realise you just might be the bottle neck to growing your business?
  • You know you should be working “ON” your business and not “IN” it?
  • Considering what to even do about your business? Is there something missing in your business model?
  • Need to find time to look up from your business, breathe and look out at where you are going now, and in the future?


  • Find you can’t seem to focus long enough with all the fires you are putting out?
  • Struggling to find a way to combat declining sales and margins?
  • Need to get a better handle on break-even and cash flows?
  • How do I attract my ideal customer and keep them?
  • Do you even know what your bottlenecks to growth are?
  • Ever feel that there has to be a better way?


  • Wondering who you can ask about your team challenge?
  • Searching for a confidential like-minded person to help you with your big picture?
  • You want the views of someone in a similar position? Someone who has actual experience starting and running a similar sized business and who must have faced similar challenges before?
  • Looking for an advisor who has the courage to speak plainly, briefly and who will hold you accountable?
  • You would relish being able to take in a variety of considered perspectives for your hot topics


  • Firmly believe you have what it takes and are serious about growing your business?
  • Your motivation is waning because you are tired and forever busy?
  • You would give just about anything to rub shoulders with people with the right mindset and commitment?
  • You believe in investing in yourself and growing your skills base?
  • You feeling personal satisfaction and pride as a member of a high-achieving, aspirational group


  • Tired of facing all your business challenges alone?
  • No longer fun being the sole voice for inspiration?
  • Looking for someone to bounce your ideas off?
  • Feeling isolated at the helm of your business?
  • You sometimes feel misunderstood as the boss?
  • Your challenges are keeping you up at night?
What is our promise?

As steward of your board, The Alpha Group ensure the right ambitious entrepreneurs are sitting around your table and thereby give you access to 150+ years of relevant, collective experience to draw upon. The Board helps you to focus. It provides inspiration, motivation and guidance to:

  • Make fundamental changes refining your business
  • Become a better leader
  • Craft a clear strategy
  • Implement a solid execution plan
  • Attract and retain the right customers and talent
  • Run a leaner, process-driven business.
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Sell your business, stay in your business
  • Start a non-profit or leave a legacy for your family.
Do Masterminds work?

Napoleon Hill first talked about Masterminds over 100 years ago and the rest, as they say, is history. Business leaders from Henry Ford all the way to Steve Jobs and many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country have used Masterminds. The power of the Mastermind is tapping in to the experience of your peers. So yes, they do work, but what does that really give you?

It’s knowing you’re no longer alone to start with. It’s collaborating openly and candidly with your fellow peers to open up a world of possibilities and focus for your business. You will be able to take a load off your shoulders, learn new skills and form new connections in your business and personal networks. Ultimately you will end up thinking bigger as you stretch beyond your boundaries when engaging with these amazing people doing amazing things.

You cannot help but feel that you have found your tribe of equals that really understand you and your challenges!

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