Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, North Korea

🇰🇵 Sariwon is the capital of North Hwanghae Province, North Korea.

Industry Sariwŏn has a Potassic/Potash Fertilizer Complex and a tractor factory.

Education Educational institutions include the University of Agriculture, University of Geology, University of Medicine, University of Education nos. 1 & 2 and the Sariwŏn Pharmaceutical College of Koryŏ.

Tourist Industry The "Sariwŏn Folklore street" was constructed during Kim-Jong-il's rule. Built to display an ideal picture of ancient Korea, it includes buildings in the "historical style" and a collection of ancient Korean cannons. Although it is considered an inaccurate romanticized recreation of an ancient Korean street, it is frequently used as a destination for foreigners on official government tours. Many older style Korean buildings exist in the city.

In 2020, Jongbangsan Hotel opened after several years of delays in construction. It has three main buildings and includes a gym and a swimming pool.

Transport Sariwŏn is served by Sariwŏn Ch'ŏngnyŏn and several other stations on both the P'yŏngbu and Hwanghae Ch'ŏngnyŏn lines of the Korean State Railway.

Sariwŏn has a trolleybus system with two Ikarus 280T articulated trolleybuses; they are converted from diesel Ikarus 280 buses due to the lack of roof equipment. Regular trolleybuses were mothballed at the depot from 2020. The service is supplemented by regular buses.

Pyongyang Time 
Pyongyang Time
Image: Photo by Thomas Evans on Unsplash

Sariwon was ranked #1270 by the Nomad List which evaluates and ranks remote work hubs by cost, internet, fun and safety. Sariwon has a population of over 271,400 people. Sariwon also forms the centre of the wider North Hwanghae Province which has a population of over 2,113,672 people.

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Twin Towns, Sister Cities Sariwon has links with: 🇵🇰 Lahore, Pakistan; Rafael Lara Grajales, Mexico.

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