São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Southeast Region, Brazil

🇧🇷 São José do Rio Preto is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The city is located at the north/north-west portion of the state, 440 km from the city of São Paulo and 700 km from Brasília. It is the 10th biggest city of the state and the 36th biggest in Brazil. Founded in 1852, its history is closely linked with trade, the provision of services and agriculture. In 1912, the railroad Araraquarense arrived, transforming São José do Rio Preto into the commercial centre of the region. Known as Rio Preto,it is the centre of a Microregion and a Mesoregion.

São José do Rio Preto is the biggest city of a region with strong agrarian tradition. The city concentrates the Commerce and the specialised Service sector of the region. The Tertiary sector is the economic basis of the city. There are about 75 bank branches in the city. Hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, shopping centres (malls) and the commerce in general, attracts people from throughout the region and other parts of Brazil.

Agriculture and livestock (Primary sector) accounts for less than 1% of the GDP, but are relevant in the region. Sugarcane, natural rubber, oranges and maize are the most cultivated.

The Industry is formed by 3 major industrial districts, with the "Distrito Dr. Waldemar de Oliveira Verdi" being the biggest, and 13 smaller districts (mini distritos). There's a prevalence of small and medium businesses, with diversified production.

The GDP observed in 2009 was R$7,879,048,000. 84.53% of the GDP is generated by the Tertiary sector and 15.19% by Industry.

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São José do Rio Preto has a population of over 465,000 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities São José do Rio Preto is Twinned with: 🇨🇳 Nantong, China.

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