Eskishehir, Eskisehir Province, East Marmara Region, Turkey

🇹🇷 Eskişehir is a city in north-western Turkey and the capital of the Eskişehir Province. In the Byzantine era its name was Dorylaeum. The city is located on the banks of the Porsuk River, 792 m above sea level, where it overlooks the fertile Phrygian Valley. In the nearby hills one can find hot springs. The city is 233 km to the west of Ankara, 330 km to the south-east of Istanbul and 78 km to the north-east of Kütahya. Known as a university town, both Eskişehir Osmangazi University and Anadolu University are based in Eskişehir.

Economy Traditionally dependent on flour milling and brickyards, the city expanded with the building of railway workshops in 1894 for work on the Berlin-Baghdad Railway. As of 1920, Eskişehir was one of the major locations for meerschaum mining. At that time, most of the mining sites were owned by the state.

Devrim, the first Turkish automobile, was produced in 1961 at the TÜLOMSAŞ factory in Eskişehir. Devrim stayed a concept study and can be viewed in TÜLOMSAŞ factory Eskişehir. In addition to production, first Turkish steam powered locomotive called Karakurt was produced at the TÜLOMSAŞ in 1961. Eskişehir was also the site of Turkey's first aviation industry (Aeronautical Supply Maintenance Centre) and its air base was the command centre of Turkey's first Tactical Air Force headquarters on NATO's southern flank during the Cold War.

Eskişehir produces trucks, home appliances, railway locomotives, fighter aircraft engines, agricultural equipment, textiles, brick, cement, chemicals, processed meerschaum and refined sugar. Eti [tr], one of Turkey's largest food brands (mostly producing biscuit, chocolate and candy varieties) is based in Eskişehir. Arçelik, a major Turkish home appliances and consumer electronics manufacturer, has one of its production plants in Eskişehir. Eskişehir was the first stage of High-speed rail in Turkey from Ankara. This service improved the travel and commerce between Eskişehir and Ankara, thanks to reduced journey time. GKN, a major global automotive supplier for passenger and commercial car powertrain systems has a plant in Eskişehir.

The city is served by the Anadolu Airport.

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Eskishehir has a population of over 717,135 people. Eskishehir also forms the centre of the wider Eskishehir metropolitan area which has a population of over 826,135 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities Eskişehir is twinned with: 🇨🇳 Changzhou, China; 🇩🇪 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; 🇷🇺 Kazan, Russia; 🇨🇾 Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus; 🇦🇹 Linz, Austria; 🇰🇷 Paju, South Korea; 🇧🇪 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium.

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