Ituverava, São Paulo, Southeast Region, Brazil

🇧🇷 Ituverava is a city located in the São Paulo state, in Brazil. is located in the north region of São Paulo state, at a distance of 410 km from the capital of São Paulo State, and with an altitude of 605 meters.

Economy The economy is predominantly agricultural, based on the cultivation of sugar cane. As a micro region polo, it has a relative strong trade and advanced service sector mainly based on medicine services. The industrial sector has changed a little during the last decades as the cotton and soybeans crops had gone to agricultural frontiers as Mato Grosso and Goias and the sugarcane reconfigured the north of São Paulo. The agriculture raw material transformation industry that had gone with the soybeans and cotton crops (Maeda) gave place to some consumption and chemicals industries (Santa Maria, UPL).

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Ituverava has a population of over 42,050 people. Ituverava also forms one of the centres of the wider AU Franca region which has a population of over 667,416 people.

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