Aktobe, Kazakhstan

🇰🇿 Aktobe (Ақтөбе: Aqtöbe) is a city on the Ilek River in Kazakhstan. It is the administrative centre of Aktobe Region. In 2020, it had a population of 500,757 people. Aktobe is located in the West of Kazakhstan.

Aktobe is the fourth largest city in Kazakhstan and is the largest city in Western Kazakhstan. It is nationally diverse city. Agriculture and ranching play a large role in Aktobe Region's economy and in rural employment. Beef, mutton and dairy products are major products in this area.

Heavy industry was established in Aktobe during the Second World War. Many of today's fastest-growing industries in Aktobe are related to food production (such as the company "Ramazan"), construction ("Dastan") or vodka distilling ("Wimpex" and "Ayazhan"). A number of foreign companies, notably German and Austrian firms, have established partnerships with local light industry firms. Both copper and chromite are mined in the Khromtau district of Aktobe Region.

The major engine of economic growth in Aktobe and Aktobe Region has been the development of energy resources. The Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) owns a 60% stake in AktobeMunaiGaz, and is investing heavily in oil and natural gas extraction from Aktobe Region oilfields. A pipeline has been constructed to transport oil to Xinjiang The revenues from oil and gas extraction have helped to develop banking, real estate, and support services in Aktobe.

The region also possesses large deposits of phosphorite. One of the largest known being Chilisai deposit, the British company Sunkar Resources Plc (2008) has built an integrated production facility to develop one of the lowest cost producers of phosphate fertiliser in the world with its Chilisai Project.

Aktobe is a large industrial centre, closely connected with chromite deposits east of the city. It houses plants of ferroalloys, chromium compounds, agricultural machinery, X-ray equipment, etc. The chemical, light, and food industries are developed.

The metallurgical industry accounts for more than 30% of all production produced in the city, and the chemical industry accounts for 10.3% of the total. The largest enterprises of the city are the Aktobe ferroalloy plant, Aktyubrentgen, Aktobe plant of chromium compounds and a number of food industry enterprises. AFP produces 22% of Kazakhstan's ferroalloys. Aktobe plant of chromium compounds is the only enterprise in the country producing chromium oxide, chromic anhydride, tannins, sodium dichromate. In Aktobe there are large food industry enterprises producing flour, confectionery and pasta, vegetable oil and other products.

Aktobe region and Aktobe is one of the four regions of Kazakhstan, where the production of alcoholic beverages is concentrated. The local vodka producer GEOM LLP (Wimpex) is one of the largest vodka producers in Kazakhstan and occupies 22% of this market. Alcohol production is also carried out by Aktobe Champagne Wine Factory LLP, Arai CJSC, Centaur LLP, Aktobe Distillery Crystal, Kazakh-German joint venture Omirbek and Transmars LLP. The Omirbek and GEOM companies were several times included in the list of the largest taxpayers in the Aktobe region.

Recently 319 agricultural enterprises were registered on the territory of the Aktobe city administration, which produced goods worth 11,998.7 million tenge . Of these, 4112.5 million tenge accounted for crop production, and 7582.8 million tenge for livestock. In total, in 2014 they produced 4.8 thousand tons of meat, 24.9 thousand tons of milk, 121.2 million pieces of eggs.

City livestock farmers produce eggs, meat and milk, flour, vegetable oil. 32,021 horticultural plots were registered as part of collective gardening, as well as 1,101 garden plots as part of collective gardens for home gardening and horticulture.

There are 28 main shopping markets (bazaars), the largest of these are the Shygys and Central markets. The city administration is working on the opening of communal mini-markets for the products of local producers and gardeners-summer residents. There has been a trend of re-equipping open-air bazaars into indoor pavilions and the construction of shopping and entertainment centres, such as Nurdaulet, Mega Shygys, Alatau, KeruenCity, Alia Bazary, CITY Shopping Center.

At present, there are two large supermarket chains in the city - Anvar and Dina. There is a wholesale centre supermarket "Dastarkhan". Also working with household appliances and electronics stores are Alser, Fora, Sulpak and Technodom.


Aktobe has a population of over 420,778 people. Aktobe also forms the centre of the wider Aktobe Region which has a population of over 909,673 people.

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