Suyeong, Busan (Metropolitan City), Yeongnam, South Korea

🇰🇷 Suyeong District is a gu in central Busan, South Korea.

Suyeong-gu was created in 1995 following its separation from Nam-gu. It is border in the North-East by the Suyeonggang River. The name 'Suyeong' came from 'Gyeongsang JwaSuyeong', means navy command of Gyeongsang left area (stand at Seoul and see south, this area is left side). The line 2 of Busan Subway runs through Suyeong-gu with 5 stations, from Millak to Namcheon. The southern terminal of line 3 is Suyeong station, making Suyeong an important location for subway transportation/transfers.

Administrative divisions Suyeong-gu is divided into five legal dong, which altogether comprise ten administrative dong, as follows: • Namcheon-dong (two administrative dong) • Suyeong-dong • Mangmi-dong (two administrative dong) • Gwangan-dong (four administrative dong) • Millak-dong.

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Suyeong has a population of over 180,000 people. Suyeong also forms part of the wider Busan metropolitan area which has a population of over 7,000,699 people.

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