Nan, Yamagata Prefecture, Tōhoku Region, Japan

🇯🇵 Nan'yō is a city located in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Nan'yo is located in the northern part of Okitama Basin in southern Yamagata Prefecture, with mountains to the north, east and west and the Mogami River forming its southern border. It is approximately 21 km from Yonezawa, 35 km from Yamagata city, 61 km from Fukushima, and 95 km from Sendai. The city has an altitude of about 200 meters in the plains rising to 450 meters in the northern mountains. Mt. Shirataka (elevation 994 meters) is the highest elevation in the city.

Economy The economy of Nan'yo is based on agriculture, light manufacturing, and tourism. A number of wineries are also located in the city.

Wine Nan'yō is home to the following three major wineries. • Sakai Winery • Oura Winery • Sato Winery In addition to the three wineries, Nan'yō is also home to a sake brewery called Azuma no Fumoto (東の麓).

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Nan has a population of over 31,112 people. Nan also forms part of the wider Yamagata Prefecture which has a population of over 1,079,950 people. For the location of Nan see: Nan'yō.

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