Magadan, Far Eastern Federal district, Russia

🇷🇺 Magadan is a port town and the administrative centre of Magadan Oblast, Russia, located on the Sea of Okhotsk in Nagayev Bay (within Taui Bay) and serving as a gateway to the Kolyma region. The Port of Magadan is second largest seaport in the North-East of the Russia after Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky located on Nagaev Bay and Sea of operates all year round with the help of icebreakers. There is currently no operating railway in Magadan.however In 1940-50, the Magadan-Palatka line operated .Russian Railways are considering the possibility of building a railway from the Nizhny Bestyakh of the Amur-Yakutsk railway to Magadan by 2035, which will contribute to the development of an area with huge mineral deposits. Magadan is the final destination of the federal highway R504 Kolyma Highway, which connects the region with Yakutia and other part of Russia.Anadyr Highway currently under construction will provide a access to Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. Sokol Airport and Magadan-13 airport provide access to air transport for numerouis destination in Russia, prior for big aircraft and the latter is mainly for small aircraft.

Economy The principal sources of income for the local economy are gold mining and fisheries. Recently, gold production has declined. Fishing production, although improving from year to year, is still well below the allocated quotas, apparently as a result of an aging fleet. Other local industries include pasta and sausage plants, and a distillery. Although farming is difficult owing to the harsh climate, there are many public and private farming enterprises.

Magadan Time 
Magadan Time
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Magadan has a population of over 98,920 people. Magadan also forms the centre of the wider Magadan Oblast which has a population of over 156,996 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities Magadan is twinned with: 🇺🇸 Anchorage, United States; 🇨🇳 Tonghua, Jilin, China; 🇱🇻 Jelgava, Latvia; 🇧🇬 Zlatitsa, Bulgaria; 🇨🇳 Shuangyashan, China.

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