Dryanovo, Gabrovo Province, Bulgaria

🇧🇬 Dryanovo is a Bulgarian town situated at the northern foot of the Balkan Mountains in Gabrovo Province; amphitheatrically along the two banks of Dryanovo River, a tributary to the Yantra River. The town is a centre of the homonymous Dryanovo Municipality, which is composed of 62 villages, hamlets and huts picturesquely spread out of the mountain folds.

Etar, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 
Etar, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Image: Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

Dryanovo has a population of over 7,968 people.

Twin Towns, Sister Cities Dryanovo has links with: 🇧🇾 Bykhaw, Belarus; 🇬🇷 Itamos, Greece; 🇧🇬 Kavarna, Bulgaria; 🇮🇹 Borgia, Italy; 🇮🇹 Rocca Imperiale, Italy; 🇧🇪 Bocholt, Belgium; 🇲🇰 Radoviš, North Macedonia; 🇮🇱 Ma'ale Adumim, West Bank.

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