Talavera, Province of Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon Region, Philippines

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🇵🇭 Talavera, officially the Municipality of Talavera is a 1st class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Talavera is part of Cabanatuan conurbation as adjacent urban centre in the heart of Nueva Ecija. It is dubbed as the "Milk Capital" and "Food basket in Inland Luzon".

Talavera is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the province and proposals have been planned for cityhood. Given its robust economic growth, Talavera enjoys annual progress and wealth. The town's revenue-generated income as of 2017 is P298,361,401.93 and with over 124,829 inhabitants, the town meets the requirements for cityhood. In July 2019, Congresswoman Estrellita B. Suansing has filed House Bill 184, regarding the cityhood of Talavera. It was later filed in the Senate in February 2021. Both bills are currently pending.

According to the National Competitiveness Council in Cities/Municipalities Competitiveness Index, during the past years, Talavera maintained their rankings as one of the most competitive municipalities in the Philippines. It is bordered by Cabanatuan, Llanera, Muñoz, Aliaga, General Mamerto Natividad, Santo Domingo and San Jose.

Economy Talavera's economy focus on the agricultural sector. Palay, onions, and calamansi are their main crops. However, making it progress, economically developed andsprouting business establishment in their poblacion areas are currently addressed the town more productive and sustainable.

Many government projects beneficial to the municipality's citizens were constructed, including the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology – Talavera Academic Extension Campus, an extension campus of the said university; Talavera Eternal Park, the municipality's cemetery; a town library, and government-run drugstore.

Tourist Industry Tourist attractions in Talavera include: • Town Plaza • Tren ng Bayan • Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort • DVF Dairy Farm • Isdaan Floating Restaurant


Talavera has a population of over 132,388 people. Talavera also forms part of the wider Cabanatuan metropolitan area which has a population of over 327,325 people.

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Antipodal to Talavera is: -59.081,-15.584

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Antipodal to: Talavera -59.081,-15.584

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🇧🇷 Sorriso -55.7,-12.682 d: 19528.2  

🇧🇷 Rondonópolis -54.622,-16.466 d: 19528.6  

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