Hamedan, Hamadan Province, Iran

🇮🇷 Hamadan or Hamedan is the capital city of Hamadan Province of Iran. The majority of people living in Hamadan identify as ethnic Persians. Hamedan is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities. It is possible that it was occupied by the Assyrians in 1100 BCE; the Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, states that it was the capital of the Medes, around 700 BCE. Hamedan has a green mountainous area in the foothills of the 3,574-meter Alvand Mountain, in the midwest part of Iran. The city is 1,850 meters above sea level. The special nature of this old city and its historic sites attract tourists during the summer to this city, located approximately 360 km (220 miles) south-west of Tehran. The major sights of this city are the Ganj Nameh inscription, the Avicenna monument and the Baba Taher monument. The majority of the population is Persian; however, there is a considerable Azerbaijani minority.

Tehran Time 
Tehran Time
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Hamedan has a population of over 783,300 people. Hamedan also forms the centre of the wider Hamadan Province which has a population of over 1,758,268 people. For the location of Hamedan see: Hamadan.

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