Peer-to-peer advisory in Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany

Nürnberg or Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria. The city is located in the Middle Franconia region, and forms a continuous conurbation with the neighbouring cities of Fürth, Erlangen and Schwabach with a total population of 798,867 people. The city is the core of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg, one of the ten largest business centres in Germany and home to more than 3.5 million residents.

The city is home to a large number of businesses and is known for its high technology, industry and innovative services. The city focuses on Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Bio fuels & energy efficiency, Cleaner environment & efficient energy networks, Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies, energy-efficient buildings, hydrogen, combined heat and power. With a gross domestic product of 134 billion euros and about 1.9 million employees, this metropolitan area is one of the strongest economic areas in Germany. The major cities are Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, Bayreuth and Bamberg

Peer-to-peer advisory in Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany
Peer-to-peer advisory in Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany

Nürnberg has a population of over 511,628 people. Nürnberg also forms part of the wider Nürnberg metropolitan area which has a population of over 3,500,000 people. At full performance the GDP of Nürnberg is over $16,181,840,000,000 USD.


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