Amnat Charoen, Thailand

🇹🇭 Amnat Charoen is a town in Thailand, the capital of Amnat Charoen Province. It occupies parts of the sub-district Bung of Mueang Amnat Charoen District. The town is 590 km east-north-east of Bangkok.

Economy The province is overwhelmingly agricultural. In 2008, Amnat Charoen locals developed the so-called "Dhamma agriculture" model based on self-governance and aimed at making the province a hub for organic farming. According to the Office of Agriculture Economics, Amnat Charoen in 2016 had a total of 883,499 rai planted in hom Mali rice. Sugarcane plantations increased from 40,688 rai in 2015 to 51,446 rai in 2016.

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Amnat Charoen has a population of over 26,120 people. Amnat Charoen also forms the centre of the wider Amnat Charoen Province which has a population of over 378,438 people.

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