Svetly, Sakha Republic, Far Eastern Federal district, Russia

🇷🇺 Svetly (Све́тлый) is an urban locality in Mirninsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located 75 km (47 mi) from Mirny, the administrative centre of the district, on the southern edge of the Vilyuy Plateau, a part of the Central Siberian Plateau, not far from the right bank of the Vilyuy River.

Economy Vilyuyskaya GES-3 hydroelectric plant, with a capacity of 270 MW, is the principal employer. The power plant is managed by a daughter company of diamond mining corporation ALROSA. Many of the settlement's inhabitants also commute for week-by-week shift work in remote diamond mines or in construction projects throughout the western region of the Sakha Republic, including the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean oil pipeline.

Svetly is connected by a 33-kilometer (21 mi) road with the Anabar Highway between Mirny and Chernyshevsky. The Evenk village of Syuldyukar lies 25 km (16 mi) downstream along the Vilyuy and can be reached by boat in summer or via winter roads when the river is frozen.

Image: Ilya Varlamov

Svetly has a population of over 3,137 people. Svetly also forms part of the wider Mirninsky District which has a population of over 75,990 people.

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