San Borja, Lima Region, Peru

🇵🇪 San Borja is a district of the Lima Province in Peru, and one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima. Originally part of the district of Surquillo and San Isidro, it became officially established as a separate district on June 1, 1983. The new district took its name from a former hacienda (estate) which dominated the area. The district's postal code is 41. The current mayor (alcalde) is Alberto Tejada.

San Borja, is a quiet setting, where it is pleasant to live, it is classified within the top 5 of best places to live in Lima by many means.

San Borja is one of the few districts of Lima which was planned from the beginning and developed in an orderly fashion. This happened in a relatively short time, during the 1970s the area underwent massive population growth and by the early 1980s almost all the land had been built up. The district's parks and green areas can be clearly seen on the satellite photographs (see external link). It is considered a middle to high-class district.

San Borja can be easily accessed using Javier Prado Avenue (the most likely route if coming from Lima International Airport), Angamos Avenue or Aviación Avenue. The Panamerican Highway marks the eastern border of the district and is the most direct route if coming from the north or the south of the country.

Most of the residential streets in this district are named after famous painters, artists, philosophers and, in general, such tasks, that is the case with calle Miguel Angel, calle Millet, calle Redon, calle Monet, calle Rousseau, calle Van Gogh, to name just a few.

Lima, Peru 
Lima, Peru
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San Borja has a population of over 113,247 people. San Borja also forms one of the centres of the wider Lima metropolitan area which has a population of over 10,800,000 people.

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