Partille, Västra Götaland County, Västergötland Province, Sweden

🇸🇪 Partille is a former urban area in the county of Västra Götaland in Sweden. It is the seat of Partille Municipality and a suburb of Gothenburg. The municipality is subdivided into four geographical areas: Partille, Sävedalen, Jonsered and Öjersjö. The area is a traditional Swedish woodland. Much of its industries has therefore a connection to the forest industry. The western part of the municipality is part of the contiguous Gothenburg urban area. This then leads into Partille Centrum, which is the seat and the central part of the municipality. Other localities are: • Jonsered • Kåhög • Öjersjö • Furulund, Partille.

Economy Industries which are based in Partille include: Soft Touch AB (Personal Protective Equipment), Triumfglass (ice cream), Swisslog, Ragn Sells.

Apart from Partille Manor, the main key feature of Partille is the shopping mall Allum. In 1999 Partille municipality initiated a cooperation with the construction company Sten & Ström Sverige. The aim of this co-operation was to unify the two parts of the municipality, each on the north/south of the highway E20. The construction of Allum began on 3 February 2004 and was completed on 9 April 2006. The name "Allum" comes from the old Swedish word for "alla" (everyone), the name thus mean "åt alla" (for everyone) or "till alla" (to everyone). The mall has created roughly 650 new jobs and includes around 100 stores.

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Partille has a population of over 37,930 people. Partille also forms part of the wider Gothenburg metropolitan area which has a population of over 1,041,850 people. Partille is situated 8 km north-east of Gothenburg.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities Partille is twinned with: 🇨🇿 Chrudim, Czech Republic.

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