Oberdorf, Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland

🇨🇭 Oberdorf is a municipality in the canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland. It consists of the villages and hamlets of Wil, Ennerberg, Waltersberg, Büren nid dem Bach and Niederrickenbach. The Benedictine convent of Maria-Rickenbach is located within the municipality, next to the hamlet of Niederrickenbach. The convent lies at an altitude of 1,150 m (3,770 ft) and is accessible by cable car.

The municipality is located near and above the municipality of Stans. It consists of the villages and hamlets which are located above Stans (the so-called Upper village or in German Obere Dorf), which include Wil, Ennerberg and Waltersberg. Additionally the hamlets of Büren (nid dem Bach) and Niederrickenbach are included in the municipality.

Oberdorf, Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland 
<b>Oberdorf, Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland</b>
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Oberdorf has a population of over 3,121 people. Oberdorf also forms part of the wider Nidwalden Canton which has a population of over 43,520 people.

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