Quevedo, Los Rios, Ecuador

🇪🇨 Quevedo is a city in Ecuador located in the Los Rios Province. It is the seat of Quevedo Canton, a vibrant community founded in 1943. Located at 237 km SW of Quito, and 183 km NE of Guayaquil. Quevedo is one of the fastest growing cities in Ecuador and it is mainly known for its agricultural tradition. Quevedo's agroindustrial complex is one of the leading exporters in the world of banana, cacao, passion fruit and coffee bean. In recent years non-agricultural activities have experienced significant progress mainly in the financial and educational sectors.

Economy Quevedo is one of the most important agricultural centres of Ecuador and is the geographical point where all major roads (including the Pan-American highway) in the region intersect. The area surrounding Quevedo mainly produce bananas, corn, rice, and soybeans. The alluvial soils in the region generate excellent harvests year-round. Many banana producers complement their banana plantations with fields that produce corn, soy and rice in the wet season. In the city, this produce is often industrialised into supermarket ready products, such as instant-meals, pre-packaged products, noodles and other traditionally Asian foods. In recent years, Quevedo agro-industrial complex has added value to its output by developing a strong presence in the organic product's niche both locally and overseas.

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Quevedo has a population of over 173,000 people.

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