Cascavel, Paraná, South Region, Brazil

🇧🇷 Cascavel is a city in Paraná state, Brazil. Is the fifth most populous city in Paraná. Relatively new and with a privileged topography, Cascavel's development was planned, which gives it wide streets and well distributed neighborhoods. With an area of 2,100,831 km², it is considered a strategic hub of Mercosul. It is located 500 km west of Curitiba, the state capital and 600 km west of the sea port of Paranaguá.

Economy Cascavel is responsible for 26% of the total production of cereals in the state of Paraná. The main crops are soybeans, wheat, corn, rice, cotton and beans. It is also a big producer of poultry, swine and cattle. Participation in the municipal GDP: Livestock raising: 5.95% Industry: 16.63% Services: 77.42%. The main industries are food processing, chemicals, metallurgy, and beverages. It is the terminus of a metre-gauge railway line that goes to the port of Paranaguá.

Curitiba, Paraná State 
Curitiba, Paraná State
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Cascavel has a population of over 332,300 people.

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