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🇩🇿 Touggourt (ﺗﻗﺮت or تڤرت; ⵜⵓⴳⵓⵔⵜ,  Tugurt,  'the gateway' or 'the gate') is a city and commune, former sultanate and capital of Touggourt District, in Touggourt Province, Algeria, built next to an oasis in the Sahara. As of the 2008 census, the commune had an annual growth rate of 1.8%. Touggourt's urban area includes the communes of Nezla, Tebesbest and Zaouia El Abidia.

Touggourt is notable for its date trees. It was formerly surrounded by a moat, which the French filled up. Bradt Travel Guides describe it as "largely a modern town of block architecture" and "largely unattractive. The centre is quiet most of the day due to the heat but is more active at night when people take to the streets".


History In 1414 the Sultanate of Tuggert was founded in southern Algeria. The known Sultans (and one female ruler) were: • Ali II • Mabruk (Mubarak) • Ali III • Mustafa • Sulayman III • 1729 Ahmad II • Muhammad I al-‘Akhal • Ahmad IV • Farhat • Ibrahim • Abd al-Qadir I (1st time) + Ahmad V • Khalid • Abd al-Qadir I (2nd time) • Umar bin Bu-Kumetin • 1756 Muhammad II • Umar II bin Muhammad • Ahmad VI • Abd al-Qadir II • Farhat II • 1792 Ibrahim II • 1804 al-Khazan • 1804 Muhammad III • 1822 ‘Amar (‘Amir) II • 1830 Ibrahim III • 1831 ‘Ali IV bin al-Kabir • 1833 ‘Aisha (Aichouch) (female) • 1840 ‘Abd ar-Rahman • 1852 ‘Abd al-Qadir III • 1852 - 1854 Sulayman IV

The Tuggurt Expedition (1552) is also a notable historical event.

In 1854 the sultanate was abolished by French colonial authorities in Algeria.

Touggourt, as it is now spelled, became one of the initial six (1902), then four (1905) autonomous administrative districts of the Territoires du Sud  (Southern Territories), which in 1957 were first joined, then reorganized into two regular French départements. Tuggert became part of Oasis (prefecture seat Ouargla).


Geography Touggourt lies on the western side of an extensive system of oases which supports palm plantations and other agriculture in an area 50 km (31 mi) from north to south. Other towns around the oases are Sidi Slimane and Megarine to north, and Tamacine and Balidat Ameur to the south. The system is also associated with more oases further north in El Oued Province including the towns of Djamaa and El M'Ghair. Beyond the oases, the land is arid and barren, with extensive sand dunes both to the west and east of the city.


Localities The commune is composed of nine localities: • Quartier de Mestaoua • Sidi Abdessalem • Baalouche • Chateau d'eau • Emir Abdelkader • La gare • Sidi Bouaziz • Zone Industrielle • Nouvelle Zone d'Activité.


Transport Touggourt lies at the junction of the N3 and N16 roads, 161 km (100 mi) north-east of the provincial capital of Ouargla. It is connected by railway to Biskra and is served by the Sidi Madhi Airport.

The N3 highway connects to Megarine, Sidi Slimane, and Biskra to the north and Hassi Messaoud and Illizi to the south. The N16 connects to Taibet and El Oued to the east. Another road, the Route Messaad Tougourt, connects to Messaâd and Djelfa to the northwest. Local roads connect to nearby towns Megarine and Tamacine.

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Touggourt has a population of over 146,108 people. Touggourt also forms the centre of the wider Touggourt Province which has a population of over 247,221 people.

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