St. Gallen, Switzerland

🇨🇭 St. Gallen or traditionally St Gall, in German sometimes Sankt Gallen; Italian: San Gallo; Romansh: Son Gagl; is a Swiss city and the capital of the canton of St. Gallen. It evolved from the hermitage of Saint Gall, founded in the 7th century. Today, it is a large urban agglomeration and represents the centre of eastern Switzerland. Its economy consists mainly of the service sector. The city is home of the University of St. Gallen, one of the best business schools in Europe.

The main tourist attraction is the Abbey of Saint Gall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Abbey's renowned library contains books from the 9th century. The official language of St. Gallen is (the Swiss variety of Standard) German, but the main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect. The city has good transport links to the rest of the country and to neighbouring Germany and Austria. It also functions as the gate to the Appenzellerland.

As of 2005, there were 336 people employed in the primary economic sector and about 95 businesses involved in this sector. 11,227 people are employed in the secondary sector and there are 707 businesses in this sector. 48,729 people are employed in the tertiary sector, with 4,035 businesses in this sector. Helvetia Insurance is a major company headquartered in St. Gallen.

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St. Gallen was ranked #1301 by the Nomad List which evaluates and ranks remote work hubs by cost, internet, fun and safety. St. Gallen has a population of over 167,000 people. St. Gallen also forms the centre of the wider St. Gallen Canton which has a population of over 514,504 people. St. Gallen is ranked #204 for startups with a score of 2.042. It is estimated there are around 4,837 businesses in St. Gallen.

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