Serang, Banten Province, Java, Indonesia

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🇮🇩 Serang municipality is the capital of Banten province and was formerly also the administrative centre of Serang Regency in Indonesia. The city is located towards the north of Banten province, on the island of Java. It faces the Java Sea, which is home to Thousand Islands. Serang is located approximately 15 km from the border of Jabodetabek and sometimes considered as amalgamated with Greater Jakarta.

Religion The majority of people in Serang and Banten Province embrace Islam, but other religions coexist peacefully. Serang is often known as "kota santri" or the "city of pious people", due to the history as a traditional centre of Islamic learning. The city hosts two of the major congregational mosques in Banten province, Ats-Tsauroh Great Mosque of Serang and Al-Bantani Grand Mosque, which hold the capacity of 2,500 and 10,000 worshippers respectively.

Language Compared with the majority in Banten Province who speak the Sundanese language, in addition to Sundanese language. Some residents local people in Serang speak the Javanese language with a dialect similar to the Cirebon dialect of Javanese. The reason for this is that many Javanese migrants arrived in early 1527 to build the Banten Sultanate, and remained to form the base of today's population.

Transport The city is served by Serang station, operated by Indonesia's rail operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia.

The Tangerang–Merak Toll Road, part of the Trans-Java toll road, passes through the city of Serang.

The road to the proposed Sunda Strait Bridge would start in Serang, pass through Merak in neighboring Cilegon city to cross over the Sunda Strait to Sumatra.

Administrative districts Serang was formerly a part of Serang Regency. On 2 November 2007, the status of Serang was changed into a municipality (kota madya) independent of the Regency. Since that time, Serang City becomes a semi-enclave within Serang Regency, as the city borders the regency in the south, east, and west, while it borders with Java Sea in the north.

The City of Serang is divided into six districts (kecamatan).


Serang has a population of over 692,100 people. Serang also forms the centre of the wider Banten Province which has a population of over 11,904,562 people.

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