Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, Sudogwon, South Korea

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🇰🇷 Namyangju is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. To the east is Gapyeong County, to the west is Guri City, and to the north is Pocheon City. Namyangju-si was originally a southern part of Yangju-gun, but was separated into Namyangju-gun in April 1980. In 1995, Migeum-si and Namyangju-gun were merged to form an urban and rural complex. The city hall is located in Geumgok-dong and Dasan-dong, and the administrative districts are 6-eup, 3-myeon, and 7-dong.

Namyangju is a north-eastern city which is part of the ring around Seoul. Seoul Ring Expressway passes through.

Jungang Line passes through Namyangju. - Donong station, Yangjeong station, Dukso station, Dosim station, Paldang station, Ungilsan station.

A refurbished Gyeongchun Line reopened in late 2010 - Byeollae, Toegyewon, Sareung, Geumgok, Pyeongnae-hopyeong, Maseok stations are in Namyangju.

The Transportation and Construction Committee of the National Assembly has approved that Line 4 will be extended from Danggogae to Jinjeop, Namyangju.

The 2012 Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation drama Arang and the Magistrate, starring Lee Joon-gi, Shin Min-ah and Yeon Woo-jin, were filmed on location in Namyangju.

Education There are 2 campuses of Gyeong Hee graduate school and Gyeong bok college, 15 high schools, 29 middle schools, and 55 elementary schools.

Historic Landmarks The royal tomb of Princess Hwahyeop, a Joseon dynasty princess, was discovered in Sampae-dong in 2015. Excavations in 2016 unearthed stone tablets detailing eulogies to her written by King Yeongjo, Crown Prince Sado, and King Jeongjo. Namyangju is also the location of the tomb of Empress Myeongseong.

Namyangju Organic Museum Namyangju is rapidly developing a reputation as a regional centre of excellence for organic farming. The Namyangju Organic Museum, the world's first museum dedicated to the history and development of organic agriculture, opened in September 2011. It is located west of Seoul and on the shores of the River Han. The museum caters for young and old, it includes a timeline of organic farming developments, and there are exhibits of traditional Korean farming practices tied to the 24 seasonal divisions of the year. The museum's opening coincided with Namyangju hosting the 17th IFOAM Organic World Congress.

Products Sweet pears grown in Namyangju are exported to the United States, Japan, and Canada. Organic vegetables are cultivated with ecofriendly methods.

Gorosoei is a special product made in the Namyangju area. It is medicinal water which has abundant minerals.

The term "Gorosoei" comes from "Gollisu" meaning "water for bones". The sap is extracted at Sudong-Myeon, Mountain Jugeum in Mount Chungnyeong Natural Recreation Forest, Mount Cheonma in Palhyeon and Onam township.

Administrative divisions: • 5 Eup: -Hwado -Jinjeob -Jingeon -Onam -Wabu -Toegyewon • 3 Myeon: -Byeolnae -Joan -Sudong • 7 Dong: -Byeolnae -Dasan 1 -Dasan 2 - Suseok, Donong, Jigeum -Geumgok -Hopyeong -Pyeongnae -Yangjeong - Ilpae, Ipae, Sampae.

Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, Sudogwon, South Korea 
<b>Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, Sudogwon, South Korea</b>
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Namyangju has a population of over 713,300 people. Namyangju also forms part of the wider Gyeonggi Province which has a population of over 13,413,459 people.

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