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🇲🇺 Moka is a village in Mauritius located in the Moka District, the western part of the village also lies in the Plaines Wilhems District. Since 1967 it forms part of Constituency No. 8 Quartier Militaire and Moka. The village is administered by the Moka Village Council under the aegis of the Moka District Council. The elevation is 203 meters and can be up to 425 meters in some places. Moka is directly on the other side of the Moka Range from Port Louis. The village is close to the mountain Le Pouce and the town Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill. Réduit is a suburb of the village where the State House and University of Mauritius is situated. The village is also home to the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.


History Moka is centrally located in Mauritius and as such has experienced a real estate development boom in the past few years. This was mainly encouraged by the development of the CyberCity two km away in Ebene. Another contributing factor to this property business was that since Mauritius will not benefit from preferential prices for its sugar by the European Community and World Trade Organization, sugar estates quickly started real estate business units that would convert the land under sugar cane culture to residential lands. From 2004 to 2006, Moka saw five property estate developments.


Education: Schools Schools in Moka include Le Bocage International School, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School, St. Mary Roman Catholic School, and Ecole du Centre.


Education: University University of Mauritius

Charles Telfair Institute


Other Institutions Other important institutions in Moka are the: • Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB) which stocks vegetables (mainly potatoes) for local consumption • Subramaniam Bharati Eye Centre (AKA Moka Eye Hospital) which is the country's only specialized eye hospital. • Catholic Church

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Moka has a population of over 8,846 people. Moka also forms the centre of the wider Moka District which has a population of over 83,664 people.

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