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🇵🇰 Minchinabad (مِنچِن آباد), is a city of Bahawalnagar District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is the capital of Minchinabad Tehsil. It underwent rapid development in the late 1860s and 1870s. The city is named after Colonel Charles Minchin, the British Political Agent overseeing the Bahawalpur Princely State from 1866 to 1876. The city of Minchinabad is the headquarters of the tehsil which is administratively subdivided into 25 Union Councils.

Mandi Sadiq Gunj TC and Mcload Gunj TC, these smaller cities are also included in Tehsil Minchin Abad.

A canal named Head Ford Wah passes through Minchin Abad city and worth seeing is suspended bridge built on this canal during British Rule in Subcontinent.

The notables in Minchin Abad Tehsil are: Mian Abdul Ghaffar Wattoo MNA, Syed Asghar Shah, Shoukat Ali Laleka and Mian Fida Hussain Wattoo.

Geography Minchinabad Tehsil has an area of 1,818 km².

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Demographics According to the 2017 Census of Pakistan, there are 526,428 people living in Minchinabad Tehsil and 83,173 households. Its population recorded in the 1998 census was 354,261.

Lahore Fort Complex, Punjab 
Lahore Fort Complex, Punjab
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Minchianabad has a population of over 526,428 people. Minchianabad also forms part of the wider Bahawalnagar District which has a population of over 3,550,342 people. It is also a part of the larger Bahawalpur Division. For the location of Minchianabad see: Minchinabad.

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Antipodal to Minchianabad is: -106.433,-30.167

Locations Near: Minchianabad 73.5667,30.1667

🇵🇰 Minchinabad 73.567,30.167 d: 0  

🇵🇰 Bahawalnagar 73.25,29.983 d: 36.7  

🇮🇳 Fazilka 74.025,30.403 d: 51.3  

🇵🇰 Sahiwal 73.1,30.65 d: 69.9  

🇵🇰 Burewala 72.667,30.15 d: 86.5  

🇵🇰 Hasilpur 72.533,29.683 d: 113.2  

🇵🇰 Dijkot 72.983,31.217 d: 129.4  

🇵🇰 Vehari 72.35,30.033 d: 118  

🇵🇰 Kasur 74.45,31.117 d: 135.3  

🇵🇰 Gojra 72.683,31.15 d: 138.2  

Antipodal to: Minchianabad -106.433,-30.167

🇨🇱 Coronel -73.217,-37.017 d: 16862.8  

🇨🇱 Talcahuano -73.117,-36.717 d: 16856.1  

🇨🇱 San Pedro de la Paz -73.1,-36.833 d: 16853.8  

🇨🇱 Concepción -73.05,-36.817 d: 16849.5  

🇨🇱 Chiguayante -73.017,-36.917 d: 16845.8  

🇵🇪 Pisco -76.2,-13.717 d: 16418.3  

🇵🇪 Callao -77.15,-12.067 d: 16390.4  

🇵🇪 Miraflores -77.033,-12.117 d: 16383.9  

🇵🇪 San Isidro -77.033,-12.083 d: 16381.6  

🇵🇪 San Borja -77.017,-12.1 d: 16381.3  

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