Longkou, Shandong Province, China

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🇨🇳 Longkou (龙口; 龍口; Lóngkǒu), formerly Huang County (黄县; 黃縣; Huáng Xiàn), is a port city in north-eastern Shandong province, China, facing the Bohai Sea to the north and the Laizhou Bay to the west. Longkou, a county-level city, is administered by the prefecture-level city of Yantai. It is located in the north-west of Jiaodong Peninsula and the south bank of Bohai Bay, adjacent to Penglai District in the east, Qixia City and Zhaoyuan City in the south, Bohai Sea in the west and north, and facing Tianjin and Dalian across the sea. With a total area of 901 square kilometers, the city has jurisdiction over 5 subdistricts, 8 towns and 1 high-tech industrial park.

Longkou has been awarded many honors, such as National Civilized City, China Excellent Tourist City, National Health City, National Green Model City, National Garden City, National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone, National Ecological Protection and Construction Demonstration Zone, and provincial pilot county for transformation and upgrading of scientific development of county economy.

History Huang County was the centre of the ancient Dongyi state of Lai during China's Zhou dynasty. Under the Qing, it was administered as part of Dengzhou (now Penglai).

Huang County was renamed Longkou in 1986.

Administrative divisions There are five subdistricts and eight towns under the city's administration: Subdistricts: • Donglai Subdistrict (东莱街道), Longgang Subdistrict (龙港街道), Xinjia Subdistrict (新嘉街道), Xufu Subdistrict (徐福街道), Dongjiang Subdistrict (东江街道); Towns: • Huangshanguan (黄山馆镇), Beima (北马镇), Lutou (芦头镇), Xiadingjia (下丁家镇), Qijia (七甲镇), Shiliang (石良镇), Langao (兰高镇), Zhuyouguan (诸由观镇)

Geography Longkou is a coastal harbour city adjacent to Penglai city and Yantai urban area to the east, linked to Qingdao to the south. Its administrative area (county-level city) covers 893 km² (345 sq mi) and contains a coastline of 68.4 km (42.5 mi).

The city can be roughly divided into four major built-up areas: a central urban area, Longkou harbour city, Donghai and Nanshan.

At the west coast of Longkou, there is one of China's largest land reclamation projects under development. It will encompass six artificial islands with an extent of approx. 10 to 10 km.

Longkou is quite mountainous in the south and flat plains to the north. It has with low hills in the south-east and littoral plains in the northwest. There are mountains and rivers surrounding Longkou.

Economy Longkou is well known for its production of cellophane noodles, it is home to the New Dragon Asia Corporation head office as well as the Nanshan Group, an industrial conglomerate. Longkou is a port city with an international deep-water cargo port. It handles over 70.000 tons annually.

There is also a number of smaller industrial companies, such as Longkou Beer Equipment Co.

In 2021, the regional GDP and general public budget revenue of Longkou City reached 123.66 billion yuan and 11.2 billion yuan respectively, with an annual growth rate of 6.7% and 5% respectively.

Transport Longkou is linked to the national expressway network of China via the G18 expressway (Weifang-Yantai) and the new S19 provincial expressway Longkou-Qingdao. There will be a highspeed rail connection via Weifang, currently this is still under construction. The closest airport is Yantai airport, about one hour east of Longkou.

Within the territory of the DaLailong Railway, Longyan railway and other railway trunk.

Education Longkou is home to Yantai Nanshan University (烟台南山学院), a private university offering bachelor's and master's degrees and to a bilingual (Chinese-English) high school.

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Longkou has a population of over 635,839 people. Longkou also forms part of the wider Yantai Prefecture which has a population of over 6,968,202 people.

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