Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

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🇵🇬 Lae is the capital of Morobe Province and is the second-largest city in Papua New Guinea. It is located near the delta of the Markham River and at the start of the Highlands Highway, which is the main land transport corridor between the Highlands region and the coast. Lae is the largest cargo port of the country and is the industrial hub of Papua New Guinea. The city is known as the Garden City and home of the University of Technology.

Industry Lae is strategically located in that it can supply the Highlands, Islands, Southern and Momase regions. Large businesses include: • Mainland Holdings Ltd • DuluxGroup (PNG) Ltd • Consort Express Lines • Paradise Foods Limited • Halla Cement • HBS PNG Limited • iPi Group • Trukai Rice • SP Brewery • Bismark Maritime • South Pacific Steel • Papindo Group of Companies • Prima Smallgoods • Lae Biscuit Factory • Citylink Motel • MMK Transport • Barlow Industries Ltd • Mapai Transport • PNG Metal Fabricators Ltd • Araweld Ltd • Homestate Co-operation • NCI Packaging (PNG) Ltd • Esteens Deering (PNG) Ltd • Niugini Electrical Ltd Markets Lae City boasts of having the best food market in Papua New Guinea. This is due to the fact that the Morobe Province produces the best taros, bananas, sweet potatoes, yams, fruits and vegetables etc., which have been sought after by many Papua New Guineans as well as expatriates. The Lae Main Market also receives and sells foodstuff and vegetables from the Highlands Provinces. Apart from Lae Main Market, wards and mini-markets are also available to cater for the needs of the growing population of the city.

University of Technology The Papua New Guinea University of Technology is based 8 km (5.0 mi) outside Lae and is the second largest university in PNG after its 'sister' university the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby. While University of Papua New Guinea concentrates on the arts, pure sciences, law and medicine, the University of Technology focuses on research in technological or applied sciences. It is the only technological university in the South Pacific, outside Australia and New Zealand.

Lae International Hotel Lae International Hotel is an important conference centre and has hosted some notable political figures over the years. Lae International Hotel (6°43′50″S 147°0′21″E) has 100 rooms, furnished with wooden furnitures and 4 luxury suites. It contains the Vanda Restaurant, Luluai's Italian Restaurant and Kokomo Coffee Shop.

Lae War Cemetery Lae War Cemetery was established in 1944, and is located adjacent to the Botanical Gardens in the centre of the city. The cemetery holds the remains of over 2,800 soldiers, many of whom died in the Salamaua–Lae campaign, but also those who died in Japanese detention on the Island. It is also the resting place of two Victoria Cross recipients.

Lae Botanic Gardens Lae Botanic gardens are not always open to the public. There is an old Australian Aeroplane in the centre of the gardens. The aircraft is a C47 Dakota, RAAF serial number A65-122.

Bumbu river The Bumbu river starts at the Adzera Mountain range, through Taraka to Kamkumung, Hengali, Butibam, and to the Huon Gulf. Following a flood in 1992, the population was relocated to a temporary settlement called Tent Siti (City).

Angau General Hospital Angau General Hospital is located in the central Lae area next to the old Lae Airfield. It is a main referral hospital for the general Morobe Province area, as well as the other provinces connected by road link . It contains the only Radiotherapy facility in the country and thus serves as the main referral centre for cancer patients.

Lae (Nadzab) Airport Nadzab Airport is located 56 km (35 mi) outside Lae City, along the Highlands Highway, next to the Markham River. Local buses operate to and from the city, in addition escorted secured transfers are available for transport into the city.

From Port Moresby, Lae is accessible only by domestic flights. Air Niugini, Airlines of Papua New Guinea (also known as "Airlines PNG") and Travel Air "Mangi lo Ples" services the Port Moresby-Lae route.

Other significant locations • Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium • Lae Golf Course • National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea • Lae City Hotel • Hotel Morobe • Lae Yacht Club • Lae Showgrounds • Papindo Shopping Centre at 7th Street.

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Lae has a population of over 100,677 people. Lae also forms the centre of the wider Morobe Province which has a population of over 674,810 people.

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