Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Volga Federal district, Russia

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🇷🇺 Dimitrovgrad (Димитровград), formerly Melekkes (Мелеккес, Mələkəs) until 1972, is a city in Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia. It is the administrative centre of Melekessky District, although it is not within the district and is an independent city. The city is located in the Volga Region, at the confluence of the Melekesska River and the Bolshoy Cheremshan River, a tributary of the Volga River. Dimitrovgrad is the second-largest city in Ulyanovsk Oblast, after Ulyanovsk.


History The city was founded in 1714 as a village for workers of the local distillery. By 1897 its population had grown to 8,500, and in 1919 it was granted town status. Until 1972, the city's name was Melekess (Мелекесс), after the local Melekesska River which runs through the town. On July 15, 1972, Melekess was renamed to Dimitrovgrad, celebrating the posthumous 90th birthday of Georgi Dimitrov, the first leader of the communist People's Republic of Bulgaria.


Geography: Administrative status Within the framework of administrative divisions, Dimitrovgrad serves as the administrative centre of Melekessky District, even though it is not a part of it. As an administrative division, it is incorporated separately as the city of oblast significance of Dimitrovgrad—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, the city of oblast significance of Dimitrovgrad is incorporated as Dimitrovgrad Urban Okrug.


Economy The city's leading enterprise, located 6 km (4 mi) to the south-west, is the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors. Dimitrovgrad's industry also includes an auto parts manufacturer (Dimitrovgrad Automobile Parts Plant, carburetors, fuel pumps), a carpet manufacturing plant (Kovrotex), and a chemical processing equipment manufacturer (Dimitrovgradkhimmash and Zenith Khimmash).


Education and culture The city has a variety of educational institutions. It has twenty-two secondary schools, three lyceums, one gymnasium, three branches of state universities, and two branches of private higher educational institutions. The city also has the State Scientific Center of Russian Federation, Research Institute of Atomic Reactors.

There also is a drama theater in Dimitrovgrad.


Sport • The bandy team Cheremshan plays in Supreme League, the second-highest national division. At the 2016 Bandy World Championship the quarterfinal between Russia and the United States was played in Dimitrovgrad at Stadium Stroitel (Строитель), as well as the group stage match between Netherlands and Germany in Division B. Artificial ice was supposed to be constructed for the occasion, which did not happen. • Match first qualifying round UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship 2014: Turkey - Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-0.


Ethnic groups As of the 2010 Census: Russians - 76.2%, Tatars - 13.2%, Chuvash - 5.3%, Mordovians - 1.7%, Ukrainians - 1.0%, others - 2.5%.

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Dimitrovgrad has a population of over 122,580 people. Dimitrovgrad also forms one of the centres of the wider Ulyanovsk Oblast which has a population of over 1,246,618 people.

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