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🇨🇳 Fengjie County (奉节县) is a county of Chongqing Municipality, China. It is on the Yangtze River; located within a couple hundreds km upstream from the Three Gorges Dam, it is within the dam's affected area.

The county's most famous geographical feature is the Qutang Gorge, the first of the Yangtze's Three Gorges.

Notable karst phenomena, including the Xiaozhai Tiankeng sinkhole are located within the county.

It is the place where Still Life was shot, a film by Jia Zhangke that won the 2006 Venice Film Festival (Golden Lion).

History The Fengjie county was established in 314 BC as Yufu County (魚復縣). In 649 AD, the name was changed to Fengjie, an reference to the loyalty of Zhuge Liang.

Geography Fengjie County is located in the north-east of Chongqing, bordering Wushan County in the east, Enshi City (Hubei) in the south, Yunyang County in the west and Wuxi County in the north. It is 500 km (310 mi) away from downtown Chongqing, and administers 30 townships, 363 administrative villages and 23 residential committee.

Administrative divisions Subdistricts: • Yong'an Subdistrict (永安街道), Yufu Subdistrict (鱼复街道), Kuimen Subdistrict (夔门街道)

Towns: • Baidi (白帝镇), Caotang (草堂镇), Fenhe (汾河镇), Kangle (康乐镇), Dashu (大树镇), Zhuyuan (竹园镇), Gongping (公平镇), Zhuyi (朱衣镇), Jiagao (甲高镇), Yangshi (羊市镇), Tuxiang (吐祥镇), Xinglong (兴隆镇), Qinglong (青龙镇), Xinmin (新民镇), Yongle (永乐镇), Anping (安坪镇), Wuma (五马镇), Qinglian (青莲镇)

Townships: • Yanwan Township (岩湾乡), Ping'an Township (平安乡), Hongtu Township (红土乡), Shigang Township (石岗乡), Kangping Township (康坪乡), Taihe Tujia Township (太和土家族乡), Hefeng Township (鹤峰乡), Fengping Township (冯坪乡), Chang'an Tujia Township (长安土家族乡), Longqiao Tujia Township (龙桥土家族乡), Yunwu Tujia Township (云雾土家族乡)

Economy The GDP of Fengjie County ranked 25th among 40 county-level divisions (counties and districts) in Chongqing and 6th among all divisions in the north-east of Chongqing (11 counties and districts) in 2007. In 2007, the per capita net income of the peasants in Fengjie County is CNY 2,717.

It is known that the "collectively owned" land in Fengjie County were allocated the second time in 2005 after the first time in 1982-1983. Since then, the land has not been reallocated. Fengjie County Government encourages rural residents affected by development projects to become urban residents.

Migrant labor constitutes also an important part of the family income for the local rural residents. In some families, all the members are migrant labor. Their major occupations in urban areas cover restaurant operation, retailing and private business.

Agriculture The area of land cultivated is 58,933 ha and with a per-capita land area of 0.85 mu. The major crops grown in the area include rice, corn, potato, sweet potato, oil plant and vegetable and major animals raised include pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry and fish. Apart from conventional agriculture, cash cropping is also carried out such as the growing of tobacco, navel oranges, cotton, walnuts, and silkworm farming.

Transport Fengjie has one Yangtze River crossing, the Fengjie Yangtze River Bridge.

Fengjie County,  
Fengjie County,
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The Fengjie County has a population of over 834,259 people. For the location of Dali see: Fengjie.

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