Zoran, Central District, Israel

🇮🇱 Zoran or Tzoran, an Israeli town, now part of Kadima-Zoran. Kadima-Zoran ( קדימה-צורן), also known as Kadima-Tzoran, is a local council in the Central District of Israel, the result of the 2003 union of the Tzoran and Kadima councils. Kadima-Zoran is home to the "Ta'am Shel Pa'am" (A Taste of Old) museum for the history of the settlement in the elementary school "Nitzanei HaSharon".

Zoran, Central District, Israel 
<b>Zoran, Central District, Israel</b>
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Zoran has a population of over 22,683 people. Zoran also forms part of the wider Central District which has a population of over 2,115,800 people. For the location of Zoran see: Kadima-Zoran.

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