Yuzhou, Henan Province, China

🇨🇳 Yuzhou (禹州) is a county-level city in the central part of Henan, People's Republic of China. It occupies the north-west corner of the prefecture-level city of Xuchang. The city is named for Yu the Great, the founder of the Xia Dynasty, which the city's government claims was founded in present-day Yuzhou, and that the dynasty's capital was located in present-day Yuzhou. There is a statue of Yu the Great in Yuzhou, and he serves as a symbol of the city.

The famous Jun ware (钧瓷) of porcelain originates in Yuzhou, specifically, in the town of Shenhou  (神垕镇). Jun ware comprises one of the Five Great Kilns, a group of highly esteemed porcelain types from the Song dynasty. Yuzhou has historically served as a major centre of traditional Chinese medicine, and the city's historic medicinal tradition has been recognised by the national government. Famous Chinese doctor Sun Simiao (孙思邈) had been a doctor in Yuzhou for a long period of time during the Tang dynasty.

Nicknames for the city include "Summer Capital" (Chinese: 夏都; pinyin: xià dū), "Jun Capital" (Chinese: 钧都; pinyin: jūn dū), and "Medicine Capital" (Chinese: 药都; pinyin: yào dū). Yuzhou was named the first historical and cultural city in Henan Province in 1989. In 2011, it was named "China Ceramics Historical and Cultural City", and in 2018, it was named "National Health City" by the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee.

Yuzhou's urban centre is located 60 km (37 mi) from Xinzheng International Airport, and 80 km (50 mi) from the urban centre of the provincial capital of Zhengzhou.

Yuzhou is directly divided into 5 subdistricts, 19 towns, 1 township, and 1 ethnic township. These 26 township-level divisions then further administer 678 village-level divisions. Subdistricts • Yingchuan Subdistrict  (颍川街道) • Xiadu Subdistrict  (夏都街道) • Hancheng Subdistrict  (韩城街道) • Juntai Subdistrict   (钧台街道) • Chuhe Subdistrict  (褚河街道) Towns • Huolong  (火龙镇) • Shundian  (顺店镇) • Fangshan  (方山镇) • Shenhou  (神垕镇) • Hongchang  (鸿畅镇) • Liangbei  (梁北镇) • Gucheng  (古城镇) • Wuliang  (无梁镇) • Wenshu  (文殊镇) • Jiushan (鸠山镇) • Fanpo   (范坡镇) • Goulian  (郭连镇) • Zhuge  (朱阁镇) • Qianjing  (浅井镇) • Fanggang  (方岗镇) • Huashi  (花石镇) • Zhangde  (张得镇) • Changzhuang  (苌庄镇) • Xiaolü  (小吕镇) Townships • Mojie Township  (磨街乡) Ethnic townships • Shanhuo Hui Ethnic Township  (山货回族乡).

Economy As of 2020, Yuzhou's gross domestic product (GDP) totaled 84.96 billion renminbi (RMB), a 3.1% increase from 2019.

Yuzhou is located in the Central Plains Economic Zone, an economic region of central Henan province, and borders the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

Agriculture Crops used in traditional Chinese medicine are grown in large quantities in Yuzhou, and a 2021 government publication estimates that about 400,000 mu of cropland are used to grow plants for use in traditional Chinese medicine. The same report estimated that 170,000 mu of cropland in Yuzhou is used to grow sweet potatoes. Grains are also grown in large quantities throughout the city, and a large number of pigs are raised Yuzhou.

Natural resources The area of Yuzhou is home to significant deposits of coal, limestone, bauxite, and clay.

Electricity generation The city is home to thermal power plants with a capacity of 2.02 million kilowatts.

Rail The Beijing–Guangzhou railway passes through east of Yuzhou. The Yuzhou–Dengfeng railway (禹登铁路) runs through the western portion of Yuzhou, connecting the city to nearby Dengfeng. The Yuzhou–Bozhou railway  begins in the city, linking it to the prefecture-level city of Bozhou in north-western Anhui province.

Major roads A service area along the S88 Zhengzhou–Xixia Expressway China National Highway 030  passes through east of Yuzhou. Major roads which run through Yuzhou include the G1516 Yancheng–Luoyang Expressway, the S88 Zhengzhou–Xixia Expressway, and Henan provincial highways S103, S237, and S325.

Henan, China - Zhengzhou CBD 
Henan, China - Zhengzhou CBD
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Yuzhou has a population of over 1,167,000 people. Yuzhou also forms part of the wider Xuchang prefecture which has a population of over 4,307,488 people. It is also a part of the larger Henan Province.

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