Ýpsonas, Limassol District, Cyprus

🇨🇾 Ypsonas is a municipality in Limassol prefecture of the Republic of Cyprus. It is one of the largest villages in the Limassol District of Cyprus and is located about 7 km west of Limassol city. The southern part of the village is within the administrative borders of the British military base of Akrotiri - Episkopi.

Economy The Industrial Area of Ypsonas has many cultivated fields which produce ready-made grass, vines, citrus fruits, almonds, olives, carobs, and milk from goat herds. In the same area, large cement factories operate, as well as much used car-parts processing.

Ypsonas has a blooming industrial development. The number of people that work in industries in this area are the fourth-largest in Limassol. The main industrial factories are charcuteries, cheese and cured meat factories, saw factories, boat manufacturing factories, and wooden furniture factories as well as product and packing of fruit and vegetable products. There are since 2000s more restaurants of internationally known fast foods chains, like KFC, Costa Cafe and more and supermarkets like LIDL, Papantoniou, Pop Life.

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Ýpsonas has a population of over 11,100 people. Ýpsonas also forms part of the wider Limassol metropolitan area which has a population of over 239,842 people. Ýpsonas is situated near Limassol.

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