Yingcheng, Guangdong Province, China

🇨🇳 Yingcheng Subdistrict (英城街道) is a subdistrict in Yingde, Guangdong, China. As of 2020, it administers the following five residential neighbourhoods and six villages: • Chengzhong (城中) • Chengnan (城南) • Chengbei (城北) • Chengxi (城西) • Nanshan (南山) • Baisha Village (白沙村) • Aishanping Village (矮山坪村) • Jiangwan Village (江湾村) • Changling Village (长岭村) • Yanqian Village (岩前村) • Langbu Village (廊步村)

Yingde, Guangdong 
Yingde, Guangdong
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The Yingde metropolitan area has a population of over 446,313 people. For the location of Yingcheng see: Yingde.

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