Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, China

🇨🇳 Yan'an (延安), alternatively spelled as Yenan is a prefecture-level city in the Shaanbei region of Shaanxi province, China, bordering Shanxi to the east and Gansu to the west. It administers several counties, including Zhidan (formerly Bao'an), which served as the headquarters of the Chinese Communists before the city of Yan'an proper took that role. Yan'an was near the endpoint of the Long March, and became the centre of the Chinese Communist revolution from late 1935 to early 1947. Chinese communists celebrate Yan'an as the birthplace of the revolution.

In 2018, the city's statistics bureau reported the city's GDP stood at 155.891 billion yuan. The city's GDP per capita was reported 68,940 yuan. The composition of the city's economy is: Primary Industry 9%; Secondary Industry 60%; Tertiary Industry 32%.

Agriculture As of 2018, the city's agricultural output was worth 24.112 billion yuan. Of this, planting accounted for 20.139 billion yuan, animal husbandry accounted for 2.631 billion yuan, fishing accounted for 69 million yuan, and agricultural services accounted for 0.593 billion yuan.

Industry As of 2018, the city's industrial output was worth 87.074 billion yuan. Of this, the petroleum industry alone accounted for 54.419 billion yuan of output. In addition to oil and natural gas, major industries in the city include coal mining, power generation, and cigarette production.

Petroleum Industry Yan'an is a major oil and gas centre in China. In 2018, 15,292,400 tons of crude oil were extracted from the city. Of this, 8,565,800 tons were extracted by Yanchang Petroleum, and the remaining 6,726,600 tons were extracted as part of CNPC's Changqing Oil Field. The Changqing Oil Field, part of the wider Ordos basin, one of China's main petroleum-producing regions, has been home to oil extraction since the early 1970s.

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Yan'an has a population of over 677,600 people. Yan'an also forms the centre of the wider Yan'an prefecture which has a population of over 2,255,700 people.

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