Westerstede, Lower Saxony, Germany

🇩🇪 Westerstede (Low German: Westerstäe) is the capital of the Ammerland district, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated approximately 25 km north-west of Oldenburg. It is known for hosting the Rhodo Festival, the biggest exhibition of rhododendrons in Europe. The festival is hosted every four years (next time in 2023). The villages of Burgforde, Eggeloge, Felde, Fikensolt, Garnholt, Gießelhorst, Halsbek, Halstrup, Hollriede, Hollwege, Hollwegerfeld, Hüllstede, Ihausen, Ihorst, Karlshof, Linswege, Linswegerfeld, Mansie, Lindern, Moorburg, Neuengland, Ocholt, Ocholterfeld, Ollenharde, Petersfeld, Tarbarg, Torsholt, Westerloy, Westerloyerfeld and Westerstederfeld are part of Westerstede.

Belltower for St Peters Church - The belltower for Westerstede's St. Peters Church is housed in its own building next to the church. The railway station of Westerstede is located in the village of Ocholt, 6 km south of the town. Trains from and to Leer and Oldenburg halt there every hour. The community (and the whole Ammerland region) is famous for its tree nurseries. They grow rhododendrons that are sold outside Germany as well. The slightly acid pet soil is very suitable for this type of horticulture. Near Linswege village, 7 km north-east of Westerstede, a Rhododendron Park has been established next to a beautiful wooded area. The park is open to visitors in May and June every year.

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Westerstede has a population of over 23,232 people. Westerstede also forms the centre of the wider Ammerland district which has a population of over 125,643 people.

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