Westdene, Gauteng Province, South Africa

🇿🇦 Westdene is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. Westdene lies between the historic suburb of Sophiatown and Melville with the Melville Koppies West nature reserve to the north of the suburb. Westdene derives its name from its location, literally meaning west-valley. 'West' since it is located west from the city centre and with 'dene' derived from the Old English denu, meaning valley. With the close proximity to The University of Johannesburg as well as the University of the Witwatersrand and the growing number of students at these institutions, the suburb has recently experienced an influx of students looking for residence.

Johannesburg, South Africa 
Johannesburg, South Africa
Image: Photo by Clodagh Da Paixao on Unsplash

Westdene has a population of over 4,909 people. Westdene also forms part of the wider Johannesburg metropolitan area which has a population of over 10,500,000 people.

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