Voorschoten, South Holland, Netherlands

🇳🇱 Voorschoten is a village and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. It is a smaller town in the Randstad, enclosed by the cities of Leiden, Wassenaar and The Hague. The town is relatively affluent, and the majority of Voorschoten's population are commuters, generally to either the Hague or Leiden. Despite the fact that it is situated in one of the most densely populated areas in the Netherlands, and, indeed, the world, the town retains a strong, independent identity and village-like atmosphere. Several buildings of historical importance are situated in Voorschoten. For example, the old Castle Duivenvoorde, and the Manor Vredenhof - rebuilt by Diederik Jansz. Graeff, and until the 18th century in the hands from the De Graeff family - are located in or near Voorschoten.

The town's proximity to the Hague, as well as the presence of the British School in the Netherlands in the town, and the American School of the Hague in nearby Wassenaar, means that Voorschoten has a large community of expatriates, particularly British nationals.

In recent years, the settlement has seen considerable expansion, with the addition of several new areas of housing, such as Starrenburg, Krimwijk II and, most recently, Voorsche Park. The town benefits from excellent sporting and recreational facilities, including hockey, football and baseball clubs, a tennis club, a swimming pool and a golf course. There are a number of churches located throughout the town, the two most striking of which are the main church, located in Voorschoten's historic centre, and the St. Laurentius Church, located in the north of the town.

Voorschoten, South Holland, Netherlands 
<b>Voorschoten, South Holland, Netherlands</b>
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Voorschoten has a population of over 25,479 people. Voorschoten also forms part of the wider Randstad metropolitan area which has a population of over 8,400,000 people. Voorschoten is situated 7 km south-west of Leiden.

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