Voluntari, Ilfov County, Romania

🇷🇴 Voluntari is a town in Ilfov County, Muntenia, Romania. It is located at a distance of 1 km from the northern border of Bucharest and is thus frequently viewed as a suburb of Bucharest. The low price of land, the proximity to Bucharest, and the easy and reliable access to both the railway network and the road network have allowed a steady development of industrial and commercial facilities, especially in the light industry and import/export commerce. The town's output estimate increased by over 25% between 2001 and 2005. Even with such high development rates, many residents commute to Bucharest. Voluntari is the site of a shopping centre known as Jolie Ville Galleria, as well as the headquarters of the Vodafone Romania company.

Voluntari literally means "Volunteers", in Romanian, having been founded by the volunteer soldiers who fought for Romania in World War I and were given plots to build their homes there after the war. The settlement received city status in 2004.

Voluntari has its own bus network, operated by the local council, consisting of five bus routes: 1, 2, 153, 155 and 167. Additionally, the city is connected to Bucharest by bus routes run by STB, Bucharest's public transport operator.

Voluntari, Ilfov County, Romania 
<b>Voluntari, Ilfov County, Romania</b>
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Voluntari has a population of over 42,900 people. Voluntari also forms part of the wider Bucharest metropolitan area which has a population of over 2,412,530 people. Voluntari is situated 9 km north-east of the centre of Bucharest.

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