Vitebsk, Belarus

🇧🇾 Vitebsk or Viciebsk, is a city in Belarus. The capital of the Vitebsk Region,and the country's fourth-largest city. It is served by Vitebsk Vostochny Airport and Vitebsk Air Base. Vitebsk developed from a river harbor where the Vićba River flows into the larger Western Dvina, which is spanned in the city by the Kirov Bridge. Vitebsk hosts the annual Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, an international art festival. The main participants are artists from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, with guests from many other countries, both Slavic and non-Slavic. The city has a free economic zone "Vitebsk"to encourage economic activity. The city has an Ice Sports Palace, a central stadium, a Summer Amphitheatre for the international art festival, a Slavic Bazaar, a railway station and other historical sites and facilities, a number of churches and other public facilities.

Vitebsk, Belarus 
<b>Vitebsk, Belarus</b>
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Vitebsk has a population of over 347,900 people. Vitebsk also forms the centre of the wider Vitebsk Region which has a population of over 1,135,731 people.

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