Visoko, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

🇧🇦 Visoko is a city located in the Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located between Zenica and Sarajevo, Visoko lies where the river Fojnica joins the Bosna. The municipality is organised into 25 local communities.

Economy The town's economy is led by the leather and textile industrial sectors led by Prevent which employs over 1500 workers and makes products mainly for export for European automobile industry. Another important part of the economy is the food industry with Vispak and Visoko. Visoko is traditionally known for its dried meat products like sujuk, and its best known product is "Visočka pečenica" which is permanent charcuterie product obtained from high quality parts of beef (haunch, back with the lumbar part, shoulder, and flank), dry salted only with kitchen salt and cold smoked and dried. The association of meat processors from Visoko was founded who's goal is to create and geographically protect "Visočka pečenica" as a brand.

Tourism Visoko is home to tens of thousands tourists because of Semir Osmanagić Bosnian pyramid claims.

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Visoko has a population of over 41,352 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities Visoko is twinned with: 🇹🇷 Altındağ, Turkey; 🇭🇷 Bjelovar, Croatia; 🇹🇷 Kartal, Turkey.

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