Victoria, Labuan, Malaysia

🇲🇾 Victoria, sometimes known as Bandar Labuan, is the capital of the Federal Territory of Labuan in Malaysia, an island group off the north coast of Borneo. It is in the south-east corner of Labuan and its Malay name, Bandar Victoria, is commonly used in honour the reign of Queen Victoria. The town is an urban district within the wider city limits of Victoria which includes Labuan Port, a sheltered deep-water harbour which is an important trans-shipment point for Brunei Darussalam, northern Sarawak and western Sabah.

Economy The major products produced on Labuan and exported through Labuan Port include copra, rubber and sago. The port is on a natural deep-water bay where large vessels can anchor as it is sheltered from typhoons. Vessels received include containers, bulk, and general cargoes. The main jetty is 244 metres long with an alongside depth of 8.5 metres and it can accommodate vessels to 16,000 DWT. The wharf has four berths. There are about 15,600 m² available in open storage, two warehouses and a container yard. A 10,000 m² yard and warehouses are available outside the port. Its capacity is 100,000 TEUs of containerised cargo per annum. Five private jetties are installed: the Shell Jetty that specialises in petroleum; the Iron Ore Jetty; the Methanol Jetty; and two offshore wheat and maize jetties called the Asian Supply Base Jetty and the Sabah Flour Mill Jetty.

Victoria's Financial Park along Jalan Merdeka houses offshore teams of international banks, insurance and trust companies. Victoria is an offshore support hub for deepwater oil and gas activities in the region. In 2012, Victoria had a population of over 85,000 with nearly half of those coming from elsewhere in Malaysia and from Brunei Darussalam. It has a 1,500-seat convention hall adjoining a large shopping mall; these form a modern complex which enhances Victoria's status among International Offshore Financial Centres.

Seychelles Yacht Club and Marina, Victoria, Mahe 
Seychelles Yacht Club and Marina, Victoria, Mahe
Image: Adobe Stock Oleksandr Dibrova #259400292

Victoria has a population of over 99,500 people. Victoria also forms the centre of the wider Labuan Federal Territory which has a population of over 99,500 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities Victoria currently has one sister city: 🇨🇳 Xianning, China.

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