Valby, Capital Region, Denmark

🇩🇰 Valby is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is in the south-western corner of Copenhagen Municipality, and has a mixture of different types of housing. This includes apartment blocks, terraced housing, areas with single-family houses and allotments, plus the remaining part of the old Valby village, around which the district has formed, intermingled with past and present industrial sites.

Valby Hill marks the boundary between Valby and the more central and urban neighbouring Vesterbro district. The expression "west of Valby Hill" is in Danish often used as a metonym for "the provinces" or "outside Copenhagen". Separated from the rest of Copenhagen by Vestre Cemetery, Denmark's largest cemetery, towards Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave and Søndermarken-Frederiksberg Gardens towards Frederiksberg, the Carlsberg brewery site, and areas of low density, Valby retains a certain air of 'independence', or isolation, even today. With the progressing redevelopment of the Carlsberg area into a new lively, high-density neighbourhood, this is likely to change. Other former industrial sites are also under redevelopment and Valby is today one of the districts in Copenhagen with the fastest growing population.

Valby is well served by S-trains. Valby station is centrally located next to Toftegårds Plads. It is located where the Tåstrup and Frederikssund radials diverge, and is served by trains on either radial. Some regional and intercity trains also stop at Valby, mainly to provide transfers to the Frederikssund S-trains. Langgade station near Valby's eastern border with Kongens Enghave is also located on the Frederikssund line.

Ny Ellebjerg station is becoming a major hub which serves as an interchange station between the Køge radial and the ring line which connects the station to Hellerup station north of Copenhagen through the suburbs. Danshøj station serves mainly as an interchange station between B trains (on the Tåstrup radial) and F trains on the ring line. Other stations in Valby serving the ring line are Ålholm station and Vigerslev Allé station.

Valby, Capital Region, Denmark 

Valby has a population of over 46,161 people. Valby also forms part of the wider Copenhagen metropolitan area which has a population of over 2,057,142 people. Valby is situated 4 km from the centre of Copenhagen.

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