Tuojiang, Hunan Province, China

🇨🇳 Tuojiang Town (Chinese: 沱江镇; pinyin: Tuójiāng Zhèn) is an ancient town and the seat of Fenghuang County in Hunan, China. The town has 29 villages and 7 communities under its jurisdiction, its seat is at Fenghuang South Road (Chinese: 凤凰南路). The town is famous for Ancient City of Fenghuang, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Hunan and one of AAAA-rated tourist attractions.

The Fenghuang Maglev is under construction and due to open in 2021. It will connect the Fenghuang railway station on Zhangjiajie–Jishou–Huaihua high-speed railway with the Fenghuang Folklore Garden.

Image: Adobe Stock WR.LILI #227592754

Tuojiang has a population of over 112,200 people. Tuojiang also forms part of the wider Fenghuang County which has a population of over 428,294 people.

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