Thénia, Boumerdès Province, Algeria

🇩🇿 Thénia, sometimes written as Thenia, is the chief town in the daïra of the same name, in the wilaya of Boumerdès, in northern Algeria. Historically, the name is a contraction of Theniet Beni Aicha "the mountain pass of the sons of Aisha", the Arabic translation of the Kabyle Berber toponym Tizi n At Ɛica. The steep-sided pass, which is only about 800 metres wide at its narrowest point, is sometimes taken to mark the transition between Mitidja and Grande Kabylie.

Image: Yelles

Thénia has a population of over 40,000 people. Thénia also forms the centre of the wider Thénia District which has a population of over 52,448 people. Thénia is situated 19 km south-east of Boumerdès.

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