Telavi, Kakheti Region, Georgia

🇬🇪 Telavi is the main city and administrative centre of Georgia's eastern province of Kakheti. The city is located on the foothills of the Tsiv-Gombori Range at 500–800 m above sea level. Telavi faces the Tsiv-Gombori Range to the south and south-west and borders on the Alazani Valley to the north and east. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, which runs to the north of the Alazani Valley, can be seen from most of Telavi.

At present, the city of Telavi is connected with Tbilisi by two highways. The most widely traveled (and better-paved) highway runs through the rural areas of Kakheti and is longer (the overall length of the highway is approximately 156 km (97 mi)) than the route, which runs through the highlands of the Gombori Mountain Range.

The shorter route (approximately 96 km (60 mi)) is quite scenic, but is less used due to the reconstruction works that are being carried out there from 2014, but now it is used way, it is little difficult for non professional and non experienced drivers, road is too much narrow and dangerous. Because of its beauty, historical monuments and hospitality and the reputation for kindness of its residents, the city is a popular tourist destination in Georgia.

Image: Photo by Nika Tabatadze on Unsplash

Telavi has a population of over 21,800 people. Telavi also forms the centre of the wider Kakheti Province which has a population of over 310,051 people.

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